Iowa ranks #1 for Millennial Homeowners

The “American Dream” is within reach in Iowa

Family sitting outside a family home.
Photo Credit: Molly Murphy, Rare Connection in Iowa

Iowa holds Real Simple’s top ranking as the #1 state for millennial homeownership.

Leading the nation in affordability and quality of life, Iowa offers millennials the opportunity to buy a home, advance their career and pursue their passion.

While 52% of millennials in the United States own a home, an impressive 63% of millennials in Iowa are homeowners. Considering other attractive elements like career opportunities, culture and lifestyle, Iowa was also named the #10 best state for millennials to live overall. 

As one of only four states ranked in both categories of millennial homeownership rates and best places to live, the “American Dream” is within reach in Iowa.

Calculate your move to Iowa to see why you can dream it and do it here.

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Published November 20, 2023

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