Iowa’s Affordability Appeals to Young Professional

Desiree Bui, a young sustainability specialist from Illinois, spent a considerable amount of time researching locations to start a new chapter of her life. She initially considered Chicago, Minneapolis and Milwaukee, but after spending a summer in Iowa, she knew that Davenport was the place she wanted to launch her career. 

Here are a few reasons that prompted her choice to start a career in Iowa:


“I love living in Davenport because it’s a mix of city life, but also it’s not as overwhelming [as a big city]. It’s a lot more affordable, and it’s still just as fun,” said Bui. “You get pretty much everything you could possibly want.” 

Some of her favorite activities include hiking, exploring concert venues and trying different restaurants. “Ever since I have been in Davenport, I have not been bored; I’ve always found something fun and new to do,” said Bui.

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Cost of Living

While some of her friends living in Chicago and New York worry about rent, Bui appreciates that Iowa’s affordability enables her to set up a secure financial future. 
“Whenever my friends visit me, the first thing they always talk about is rent. Their rent is three times the price of my rent here,” said Bui. With the lower cost of living, Bui has focused on paying off her student loans and is 10 years ahead of schedule.  

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Freedom to Pursue Passions

Since moving to Iowa, Bui has been on a journey of self-discovery. “I think I’ve really created a completely different life for myself,” said Bui. “Being in Iowa, I’ve been able to figure out what it is I actually enjoy and pursue those things a lot more freely.” 

As Bui looks to advance in her professional career, she feels that Iowa provides exactly what she needs to succeed as a young professional. “You don’t have to be in a big, giant city like Chicago, New York or Los Angeles to live a fulfilling life… I do see myself living in Iowa for quite a long time.”

Published July 26, 2021

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