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This Is Iowa Guide

Produced by the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA), the third edition of the This is Iowa statewide guide provides prospective residents with a closer look at some of what Iowa has to offer — from cultural delights and must-see attractions to career opportunities and innovative advancements within the state’s key industries.


  • Opportunity Overflows in Iowa: There’s nothing quite like living in Iowa. Residents can build a strong, successful career, thanks to the state’s slew of job opportunities, all while crafting a fun, flourishing lifestyle that meets their distinct tastes.
  • Ready to Work: Iowa's business and education community work together to prepare students for successful careers.
  • Head Start for Startups: Affordability, talent and resources help Iowa's entreprenueurs launch innovative businesses.
  • Home Grown: Immigrant roots and agricultural hertitage grow diverse dining options in Iowa.
  • Spin Cycle: Bicycling is a pastime and a passion in the Hawkeye State.



Published May 12, 2022

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