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The Week in Social 4/12 - 4/16

The Week in Social rounds up the best of Iowa’s uplifting stories, exciting initiatives and fun events from all 99 counties discovered through social media. In a time where every bit of good news is cherished, this series is devoted to being a fun, lighthearted way to stay informed about Iowa’s good news.

Iowans are already well-versed with the attributes that Des Moines has to offer prospective residents and visitors. The rest of the country is slowly but surely learning that Des Moines might be one of America’s best kept secrets according to The Ascent by The Motley Fool, a personal financial service.

Citing factors like low cost of living paired with high salaries, job availability, quality of life, recreational opportunities and world-class entertainment, The Ascent writer Elizabeth Aldrich makes a compelling case as to why Des Moines is an under-the-radar destination to live, work and play.

“In addition to being an ideal location for first-time home buyers, Des Moines, Iowa, has been heralded as a great place to start a family and a startup company’s dream locale. It’s no wonder this millennial magnet is considered one of the best places to live in the country,” wrote Aldrich.

If you’ve ever been interested in learning more about Iowa’s ecological and biological diversity, Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and Outreach’s new series, Iowa’s Nature, is the resource you need.

ISU’s ambitious project utilized the talents of 35 different authors throughout Iowa, whose careers and passions are as varied as Iowa’s natural world itself. Gifted students and recent ISU grads also contributed to the 10-part article series which explores the history of the land and life-sustaining soils; the three major ecosystems found in the state; plant and animal diversity that call those ecosystems, and others, home; and explores some of the people and symbols of Iowa’s rich biological, ecological and cultural diversity.

Complete with accompanying graphics, Iowa’s Nature series is a great way to take an educational deep-dive on one of our favorite topics – Iowa’s outdoors.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and there’s no better site to shop for mom than Shop Iowa. The site carries products from 91 of Iowa’s 99 counties, making it easy to support local businesses from the comfort of your home.

Shop Iowa also has a Mother’s Day gift guide with gifts Mom is sure to love. You can filter products based on price, type of product, city in Iowa and popularity. You can even find 16 Mother’s Day products with free shipping!

Families welcomed home 70 Iowa National Guard soldiers last Wednesday at the Des Moines airport after the troops served in the Horn of Africa since last summer. Lieutenant Tanner Potter said this year’s welcome was much better than 2020’s sendoff.

“At our sendoff it was closed to the public. Families just had to watch on Facebook, so it was really nice to welcome the families right in front of us,” Potter said.

Published April 19, 2021

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