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Listen Up: Mission Employable Podcast

Iowa Workforce Development Highlights Leaders and Programs Strengthening Iowa’s Workforce

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to listen to a new weekly podcast from Iowa Workforce Development. Apprenticeship programs, entrepreneurism, technology programs and resources for veterans and Iowans with disabilities are just a few of the subjects that have been covered. This podcast connects the dots and dives deep into resources available for both job seekers and employers with an overall goal of improving the workforce in Iowa.

You can listen to all episodes here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

“It’s not really about getting your first job or second job, it’s how do we help you become self-sufficient to meet your employment dreams. How do we figure out where you are in that journey? It could be an informational interview, it could be a job shadow, it could be work readiness, it could be work-based learning, it could be education post-secondary training or on-the-job training, and the VR services are such that we have some resources that we can help fund all of those things.” – David Mitchell

Learn more about Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services at

“You can come in with little to no experience and your employer will give you all the skills you need to be a master at that occupation. That learning comes from 80 percent of on-the-job, everyday work, and 20 percent is going to be some type of classroom instruction that’s going to be tailored to your occupation.” – Amy Beller

Job seekers looking to get hands-on experience while working toward full-time employment or employers looking to start an apprenticeship training program can find more information at

“It’s life changing. We have had so many stories of people whose lives have truly been changed by the opportunities made available from Future Ready Iowa. It is making a difference in people’s lives and that’s the best part about it.” – Kathy Leggett

Future Ready Iowa is working to fill the middle skills job gap by providing necessary trainings, scholarships for further education and credentials to the workforce. To learn more about these opportunities, visit

“The profession of being in information technology is so important. It is the economic driving engine in the state of Iowa. Think about how our lives were changed [during the pandemic]. Think about how you access healthcare through telemedicine, that was delivered by an information technology professional. Think about education and how that was delivered to our kids, it was delivered by information technology professionals. Think about its impact on how you do grocery shopping during a pandemic. That is all done through information systems. There’s a seat for everyone at the table of information technology.” – Brian Waller

Visit to connect with others in the IT field and to learn more about what initiatives are strengthening the industry across Iowa.

“It’s not just a place to come and sit down at a computer and search for jobs, we really connect with individuals to find what their needs are. It could be as basic as ‘I’m looking for a job [and] I need help with a resume,’ or maybe a brush-up on interviews skills. It could also be they don’t quite know what they want to do, and we need to help them explore the opportunities that are out there.” – Mike Witt

Visit to see a list of all 20 IowaWORKS locations helping Iowans find their dream jobs.

Published May 27, 2021

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