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The Week in Social 7/26 - 7/30

The Week in Social rounds up the best of Iowa’s uplifting stories, exciting initiatives and fun events from all 99 counties discovered through social media. In a time where every bit of good news is cherished, this series is devoted to being a fun, lighthearted way to stay informed about Iowa’s good news.

Le Claire’s Mississippi River Distilling Company will open the new Celebration Center to the public on August 6. The center has a perfect combination of rich history and modern amenities, with banquet seating space which holds 150 guests, a rooftop view of the river and a basement conference room for office gatherings. The building provides an atmosphere of rustic elegance with conference room tables made from the original floor beams of the old building. Due to the backlog of events during the pandemic the space will be put to good use with weddings, live concerts and brunches. Check out the schedule of public events including live music, fireworks and more!

Des Moines residents Cole Ledbetter and Kelsi Jurik will finish this year’s RAGBRAI with more than hundreds of miles biked, they will finish as newlyweds. The bikers met three years ago when they first bonded over their love for gravel road biking and beer. On day three of the trek, the couple stopped at a small white gazebo overlooking the Iowa river, and a fellow cyclist performed a heartwarming ceremony. The couple exchanged vows and mixed together gravel into a beer stein to remind them of their new journey together as a married couple.

Two brothers in Ventura were on their way to go fishing when they noticed many dead baby turtles on a nearby road who had been flattened by ongoing cars. They decided to hop off their bikes and help the turtles safely transition from the Ventura Marsh and Clear Lake. The brothers, joined by three friends, decided to spend their summer ensuring the safety of these turtles. The young team of rescuers estimate that they have saved over 200 turtles from the dangerous road.

“These boys give me hope for the next generation,” said Else Taylor, a former administrator for Ventura. She has been concerned about the turtle-crossing for years and applauded the boys’ willingness to preserve wildlife.

The U.S. Small Business Administration announced that Iowa will receive $41 million in grants to help aid entertainment venues hurt during the pandemic. The Shuttered Venue Operators Grants (SVOG) were designed to assist cultural institutions who could not function at full capacity during the pandemic. There are currently 107 Iowa Entertainment Venues who are set to receive the grant, and venues wanting to be considered for the grant may still apply.

Are you looking for a new state park to visit? Dolliver Memorial State Park, which overlooks the Iowa River, is unique for its natural bluffs and geological formations. The park is home to unique sandstone formations known as the Copperas Beds. The rusty red minerals in these deposits were likely used by Native Americans to make dyes and paints. The park also features hikes through Boneyard Hollow, a box canyon featuring rocky streams and beautiful cliff formations. It is believed that the Oneota people drew animal petroglyphs on multiple rock formations and observant hikers can find glyphs of bison hidden on rocks.

Published August 02, 2021

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