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The Week in Social 9/27 - 10/1

The Week in Social rounds up the best of Iowa’s uplifting stories, exciting initiatives and fun events from all 99 counties discovered through social media. In a time where every bit of good news is cherished, this series is devoted to being a fun, lighthearted way to stay informed about Iowa’s good news.

New Murals on Display at Lauridsen Skatepark

Local painters, tattoo artists and high school art students came together to bring some color and creativity to the world-class Lauridsen Skatepark. The Des Moines attraction is the largest skatepark in the nation and since opening in May, the community has worked to add local artistic touch on the retaining wall. Each volunteer artist worked separately on a singular section of the wall, making the mural a collage of different creative styles. Those wishing to see the newest major alternation can come see the art on the walking path next to the skatepark or from the Robert D. Ray Asian Gardens across the Des Moines River.

“Skateboarding is a very artistic sport, so this wall lends itself perfectly with that artistic vibe here at the skatepark,” said Kami Rankin, community outreach supervisor with Polk County Conservation.

Capture Picture Perfect Fall Colors

With warm days and cool nights, low humidity and brilliant colors, fall in Iowa is something special. With Iowa Department of Natural Resource’s Fall Color Report you can plan out the perfect time to go and see the fall colors. The report offers peak viewing days and reports on current conditions in each area. Plus, you can learn about the most common trees in Iowa and what colors to expect. If you are wanting to see all the colors in their full glory, sign up for the Iowa State Park Passport to be rewarded for experiencing the beauty of Iowa State Parks.

Raise a Glass to Female Craft Brewers in Iowa

According to the Brewers Association, 10% of American craft breweries employ female brew masters. That figure has shown a significant increase thanks to the Pink Boot Society which brings together women who work in the beer industry. Two active members and leaders in the Society include Barbara Becker of Des Moines and Megan McKay of Knoxville. Becker has always showed a great interest in brewing and rose quickly from assistant brewer to full-time head brewer at 515 Brewing. McKay is the only female sole owner of a brewery in Iowa. At Iowa’s Brrr Fest, her brewery, Peace Tree Brewing was the only female team among more than 50 teams from across the Midwest.

Wanting to visit these two award-winning breweries? Use the Iowa Beer Passport for special discounts and a chance to win prizes.

Allen’s Orchard Celebrates 52 Years of Harvesting Memories

Allen’s Orchard has been a family-owned working apple farm in Marion for over 51 years. Not only does the orchard wish to supply delicious apples, but they also want to help teach children about agri-education and help families create fun fall memories. Along with 16 kinds of apples, the orchard offers pears, concord grapes, homemade pies, fresh apple cider and their famous fresh donuts.

Learn About Iowa’s Future

Iowa continues to lead the charge of advanced manufacturing with 4,100 manufacturers producing everything from construction machinery to food products. The state is perfectly positioned as a global leader with a strong transportation network, natural resources and a skilled talent pool. Read more about the how Iowa’s combination of business-friendly government policies and tax structure has made Iowa a leader in advanced manufacturing in the Manufacturing 4.0 Plan, which focuses on advancing technology adoption and utilization among Iowa’s manufacturers.

Published October 06, 2021

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