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3 Cheers for Repeal Day!

December 5th is the 89th anniversary of Repeal Day, which celebrates the repeal of prohibition. As the year winds down, grabbing a cocktail with friends or family sounds like the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit – pun intended! 

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Image courtesy of 173° Craft Distillery

A locally owned distillery with a chemistry theme, 173°’s founders are also trained chemists – three generations deep! Its rooftop patio offers lake views and classically inspired house cocktails, wine and beers. Using the Distillery Passport, you can receive 50% off your first drink and 10% off a purchase of six bottles of your choosing.

The award-winning Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery is rooted right in the Corn Belt in Swisher, Iowa. Iowans understand the value of a hard day on the job and the desire to unwind. From acres of Iowa-grown grapes to its unending bushels of corn straight from fertile midwestern soil, Cedar Ridge puts only the best into its wines and spirits – nothing else will do. Using nature as the ultimate guide, its whiskeys are aged in a non-temperature-controlled climate and allow for Mother Nature to guide the way.

Cedar Ridge also serves wood-fired pizzas, sandwiches, wings, charcuterie boards and more, and features live entertainment throughout the year.

Century Farms is a micro-distillery making bourbon, corn whiskey and vodka that offers tours, samples and fresh cocktails, plus a selection of Iowa beers and wines. Its partner food truck, Rainey Day Café, is open all year and serves a combination of classic homestyle food and Texas original recipes. Every bottle of whiskey tells the story of the family who makes them, the land the ingredients are grown on and the corn used in each handcrafted batch. Using the Distillery Passport, you can get 50% off your first drink.

The Iowa Distilling Company was one of the first distilleries in the state to get a native-distilling license, meaning its spirits are distilled in Iowa. Their employee’s knowledge of the distilling process is first-class and is further complimented by the company’s ability to create a familial feel with each drink. From the farmers who grow the corn to the bartenders that pour your drink, the Iowa Distilling Company welcomes you to the family. Using the Distillery Passport, you can get a free cocktail with the purchase of one drink.

Located along the banks of the Mighty Mississippi, where life on land is intimately married to the flow of the water, Mississippi River Distilling Company’s handcrafted spirits embody the connection between land and water. All of its spirits are made with grain sourced from local farmers within 25 miles of its facilities, which is a core component of the company’s identity. Get $1 off any cocktail using the Iowa Distillery Passport.

Revelton was born from a visit to the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, where the future distillery’s owners fell in love with the variety and nuances of whiskey. After discovering that the corn used by many Kentucky distillers came from Iowa, the dream to start a distillery back home was born.

Revelton found its home on 10 acres of land in Osceola, Iowa, just off of I-35. Enjoy grain-to-glass cocktails in its beautiful tasting room and cocktail lounge. Iowa Distillery Passport users can get 50% off their first cocktail and 10% off a case of six 750ml bottles.

Image courtesy of Revelton Distilling Company

Templeton Distillery is built on the shared experiences of community in Templeton, Iowa. The roots of whiskey in the town can be traced back along family lines to the bootleggers of Prohibition. To this day, this rebellious and entrepreneurial mindset still holds true, and residents of Templeton unite under a shared rallying cry of “A Strong Community Spirit.”

In 2018, Templeton opened an expanded distillery and moved all production of its award-winning whiskeys in-house. Tours of the facility are encouraged, and with the Iowa Distillery Passport, you can get free admission.

Published November 21, 2022

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