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The Week in Social 6/22-6/26

Everywhere you look, Iowans are uniting like never before. While times may be tough right now, we’re seeing it won’t stop the great people in the state from supporting one another. Many have taken to social media to help those in their communities, share helpful resources or to simply highlight something positive to bring joy to others. The Week in Social will round up the best of #IowansUnite and share these uplifting stories.

Visit Quad Cities announced that Davenport is ranked 29th out of 100 small cities by the annual 2020 America’s Best Small Cities Report. The list’s rankings are comprised of the opinions of a city’s visitors and residents using several categories. The categories are made up of things like museums, art, culture, employment opportunities, institutions, diversity and many more.

“Davenport is honored to be recognized as one of the Best Small Cities in America,” said Davenport Mayor, Mike Matson. “We appreciate our diversity and all of our citizens. We work hard to make Davenport a safe, stable and welcoming community.”

Few things bring people together like food and such was the case for the residents of Jewell, Iowa, who were staring down the possibility that their town’s only grocery store would close. The owner of the grocery store for the past 20 years recently had to step down for health reasons, and the new owner made the decision to close the store. However, the community quickly intervened to save it.

A group made up of a five-member board of directors and volunteers started raising money to turn the grocery store into a community-owned business. The Jewell Market LLC, as it was called, started selling shares for $400 with a goal of raising $225,000. The group eventually raised over $233,000 to save its local grocery store.

The Jewell Market is set to open on July 1.

Prometheus Week honors Iowa’s technology industry and is the most prestigious tech award from the state. The awards also celebrate leaders from technology, business, education and government for the year’s most momentous innovations. The 14 awards consist of categories such as CEO of the Year, AgTech and BioTech Company of the Year, Technology Community of the Year and more. Technology Iowa took to social media to announce this year’s winners.

American women gained the right to vote nationwide after the 19th Amendment went into effect 100 years ago, on August 26, 1920. The anniversary is being celebrated by the State Historical Society of Iowa with monthly programs and events that run through the summer. Visitors, depending on their visit date, can see exhibits about Iowa suffragist Carrie Lane Chapman Catt, African American women in Iowa and other programs that show the role women in Iowa played in America’s march toward equal voting for all.

On June 24, Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) designated 35 miles of South Skunk River as an Iowa water trail. With their interactive paddling map, it’s easy to find the perfect route near you for canoeing, kayaking or paddling. The map has helpful features like the ability to zoom, hazardous condition warnings, campsite locations, tips for paddling and more.

Published June 29, 2020

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