Company Chronicles

food on the grill

Learn why one entrepreneur started his businesses in Iowa – and why you should, too.

Just Roll With It

Volition Skate Shop

Two single moms are bringing the traditional recreation back to Iowa with their roller skate shop in Fairfield.

Planning Ahead

Linda Tong Planners

Starting a business while still in college is a challenging feat, but Linda Tong proved it’s possible.

Bringing the Heat

Bringing the Heat

Iowa entrepreneur taking mom’s recipes worldwide Three years ago, after taking a bottle of hot sauce his mom made to a company lunch, Taufeek Shah knew he had something special. “My co-workers said it was the best hot sauce they ever had, and that I should start selling it,” Shah said. “So, I called my mom and […]

Making the Grade

Hotel Grinnell

Angela Harrington transformed a dilapidated Grinnell school into the award-winning Hotel Grinnell.

Tasting Rural Life

Joel Mahr

For award-winning chef Joel Mahr, there is nothing better than seeing customers savor a bite of one of his dishes. “When you see them close their eyes, give a nod, and smile – you know you’ve got them,” said Mahr. “Whether it’s a memory they are having, or the flavors that are exciting to them, it’s […]

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