Why Gen Z Is Moving To Iowa

Gen Z finds opportunity, savings and fun in Iowa

Flexible careers aren’t the only thing on Gen Z’s checklist. Spacious living, close-knit communities and affordability are top of mind as well, and they’re finding it in Iowa.

In fact, 60,000 Gen Zers moved to the state in 2021 alone. So, why are they choosing Iowa over destinations like New York City, San Francisco and Chicago?

Iowa’s affordable homes, cutting-edge careers and outdoor activities appeal to Gen Z.

Business Insider explained that Gen Z is looking for “acceptance of remote work, more affordable homes and the closeness to outdoor activities.” And as Gen Z knows, Iowa thrives in all three areas.

When it comes new opportunities, Gen Z has plenty of options to advance their careers here. And as an emerging tech hub, Iowa offers promising careers for this digitally-savvy generation and an entrepreneurial ecosystem that’s second to none for those interested in charting their own course.

Not only is Gen Z finding success in their professional lives, but Iowa’s low cost of living presents Gen Z with the opportunity to become homeowners. That’s in stark contrast to many of their peers across the nation who struggle to pay rent, and a key reason why Iowa is #1 for homeownership among Gen Z’s millennial counterparts.

After the workday, Gen Z finds plenty of Instagram-worthy spots across the state and thrilling outdoor recreational activities including more than 1,800 miles of biking trails, 363 disc golf courses and 60 state parks.

With more time to spend doing what they love and more money in their pocket, Gen Z may have finally found the ever-elusive work-life balance in Iowa.

Count the reasons to call IOWA Home.

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Published March 7, 2024

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